Here are some frequently asked questions and answers, about the NIMM Homes building process.


Q What is included with a Nimm Home?

A Vitually everything. Please see our inclusions list.

Q Why do I need to have the job certified at certain stages?

A Job of the certifier is to ensure that the home is constructed to good building practice. It also ensures that the home is fit and safe to occupy.

Q Shoud Nimm Homes be involved from the start of my project?

A Yes. Nimm Homes is a builder with 18 years‘ experience that can help guide you through the many hassles and pit falls that you may encounter.

Q Can I make any changes to standard houses offered by Nimm Homes?

A Yes. After all, this will be your home and should have the features that suit you and your family.

Q If I make a change, will there be additional costs.

A There could be additional costs but not always. Please feel free to discuss any changes or additions that you may require.

Q Is Nimm Homes insured during the build of my new home.

A Yes. Nimm Homes has Public Liability Insurance, Fidelity Insurance and Contract Works insurance.

Q Why build with Nimm Homes?

A Nimm Homes is smaller builder. We pride ourselves on great attention to detail and delivering the personal touch. You are not just another number and will deal directly with the builder, who is also the owner of the company.

Q If Nimm Homes does not have a house in my price range can you still help me?

A Yes we can. Please discuss with us any needs you may have, we will find a solution for you.